ArtFest 2006 About project

ART FESTТ06 is a year devoted to creativity, and ART FEST is divided into two separate projects, which will run according to two seasons.


  • Twice a year there will be a competition devoted to a particular theme;

  • For each competition, a shortlist of works will be drawn up by a professional jury consisting of leading photographers, artists, designers and art critics;

  • All the finalists will receive valuable prizes and the possibility to further develop their creative talents.

ART FEST’06 has the following aims:

  • To bring together talented people who touch on the aesthetics of human nature in their work;

  • To push back the boundaries of societal awareness and perceptions of the self, with the help of modern visual art;

  • To draw society’s attention to the socio-cultural and sexual problems of health and interpersonal relations.


BF-BEST FOR… — An informative and entertaining lifestyle magazine for a gay and gay-friendly audience. A popular source of news and a window into all the most important events that concern the interests of the homosexual community in any way.

ARTICUL MEDIA — A creative agency that successfully uses all visual art forms to create a unique image and face for clients. The best way to describe the designers and artists of Articul Media is «professionals who work miracles.»

The competition

Season Tw: AUTUMN
Theme: Female Light. The Power of Tenderness..

Timetable of the season:

Beginning of registration of participants.

Announcement of the theme of Season Two.

The first selection stage for the competition, based on adherence to the rules of the competition and relevance to the theme. This will be carried out by the project organisers. All pieces of work that pass the selection will be displayed in the online catalogue for the season.

The main stage of the competition. A shortlist for the season will be drawn up from the work included in the seasonТs online catalogue. This stage will be carried out by a professional jury made up of leading photographers, artists, designers and art critics.

Announcement of the names of those participants whose work has been included in the shortlist for the season.

Final sitting of the jury. The final winners will be decided through a vote, and the results will be announced.

The best pieces of work will be commended, and prizes will be awarded to the winners.

Conditions of participation

There are no limitations based on social status, professional skills, place of residence and sexual orientation.

Anyone over the age of 16 may take part.

Rules for the submission and admission of work


  • Any participant who submits a piece of work must be the author of the work. The participant carries full responsibility for adhering to authorship and associated rights.

  • Participants can be individuals or a group of artists. No kind of legal entities or organisations is permitted to take part in the project.

  • Plagiarism will be strongly punished. If a participant is found to be guilty of plagiarism, registration will be irrevocably blocked, and all submitted work will be deleted.

  • Using other people’s work at any stage of development (redrawing, reworking other people’s photographs, vectorisation, using as a major part of a collage, etc.) is allowed only with the express permission of the original artist/author. This permission should be clearly stated in the comments attached to the work, otherwise the work will be deemed to be plagiarism.

Content of submissions:

  • No submissions will be accepted that are of a patently offensive character, containing pornography, scenes of violence, racial or anti-religious propaganda, discrimination on the basis of race, gender or sexuality.

  • No submissions will be accepted that do not conform to the season’s theme.

  • The submissions must be of high artistic quality, and the content must be interesting for a broader audience than simply the artist and his/her friends. Be self-critical.

  • Any techniques and media that can be classified as visual art are acceptable: photography, painting, graphic design, video, animation, computer generated graphics and other media.

Method of submission:

  • In order for your work to be published in the online catalogue on the project’s website, you need to upload a digital imagine of your work according to particular specifications. The artist can choose which proportions to use, but the size of the picture should be no more than 500×500 pixels. The colour model should be RGB and the file type JPEG High quality.

  • Each participant may submit up to three pieces of work in each category. The number of categories an individual participant may enter is not limited.

  • If the work is a video or animated clip, it should be sent as an attachment to, and we will place suitable material into the online catalogue. Each video or animated file should be no larger than 4 Mb in size.

  • When submitting work, all information fields should be filled in.

  • The work will be displayed for online viewing after it has been approved by a moderator.

There are no limitations based on social status, professional skills, place of residence and sexual orientation.